What happens to collagen as we age

It is no secret that for our skin to look young, collagen plays a very important role. In the past, we thought that collagen would only begin to deplete gradually after the age of 25. However, this is not the case now and Dermatologist Zhang Weiting pointed out that some of the reasons are due to the fact that modern people now often stay up late and have an unbalanced diet.

At the same time, for many of us who are engaged in outdoor activities, we often neglect sunscreen. These behaviors accelerate the loss of collagen. Hence, many people are already facing the phenomenon of “primary aging” when we are in our early 20s with enlarged pores and the loss of radiance and glow on our faces.

Dermatologist share 3 keys to slow down the loss of collagen

When there is a loss of collagen, our skin will be dry, pores get larger and more fine lines and wrinkles start to appear . Although we all know that staying up late is bad for the skin, modern people have very hectic lifestyles and it is really difficult to change our lifestyles. Dermatologist Zhang Weiting suggests that if we want to slow down the rate of collagen loss, the first step is to have a good diet and reduce intake of food such as rice, milkshakes, desserts and bread as much as possible as these foods will intensify the saccharification of collagen and elastin, causing rapid aging of the skin and the appearance of fine lines.

The second step is to develop good sun protection habits. Ultraviolet rays destroy collagen fibers and elastin in the body. It is best to seek consultation to choose a suitable sunscreen and sunblock best for your skin type. It is also recommended to use an umbrella, wear a hat, sunglasses and avoid being under the sun for a prolonged period from 10am to 2pm when the ultraviolet rays are the strongest. 

The third step is to use high-performance skin care products, such as skin care products containing poly-L-lactic acid ingredients to supplement it from the skin surface. 

Treatment Liquid ® Dual Layer Sculptra Lifting Essence

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