Did you use your cell phone today? With the advancement of technology, everyone’s life is inseparable from all kinds of electronic products. We use computers and mobile phones for long periods at work and for leisure. According to a survey by the Professional Medical Association, most of us face the screens for 10.7 hours a day and up to 80% of the population face eye problems such as dry eyes, redness or blur vision.

In this article, Dr. Zhang Chaokai, President of the Nobel Group, is specially invited to share with us how to take care of our eyes daily.

Smartphone overuse may damage eyes


With the popularization of smartphone products, almost everyone has one or more electronic devices. Poor posture while using phones with the head down for a long time will not only cause compression damage to the cervical spine but also discomfort for the eyes. Prolonged and close exposure to blue light will affect the eyes and Dr. Zhang Chaokai explains that there has been a significant increase of eye disorders in recent years from overuse of electronic devices which damage the eyes and cause blurry vision.

Care for your eyes: Rest your eyes and consume green vegetables

Modern individuals like us cannot avoid using electronic devices but we can always find ways to slow down the overuse of our eyes. Dr. Zhang Chaokai recommends having sufficient lighting around our electronic devices, sitting at least 30 cm away from the screen, and resting our eyes 10 minutes for every 30 minutes of use. It is best to supplement our daily diet with dark green and yellow fruits and vegetables rich in lutein.

Supplement eyes with Lutein EX ® Eye Protection & Eye Brightener

It is not easy to find fruits and vegetables rich in Lutein, hence it is good to replenish our body with health supplements rich in Lutein. Dr. Zhang Chaokai recommends consuming Lutein EX as it has a small molecule and is easier for the body to absorb. Lutein EX is best absorbed in liquid form and medical experts recommend that 6-10 mg per person per day is sufficient and should not be used together with beta carotene supplements to avoid decreased absorption.

Lutein EX ® Eye Protection & Eye Brightener has 7 patents in Europe and the United States. Lutein EX ®  is jointly developed by a team of professional physicians and nutritionists with ingredients such as Lutein FloraGLO ®, Natural ZeaONE ® and MaquiBright ®. 

Lutein EX ® is individually packaged, convenient to carry, and ready to be consumed when open. Dr. Zhang Chaokai suggests that in addition to supplementing the appropriate amount of lutein health supplements, you can wear a sun, hat and sunglasses to avoid direct sunlight to the eyes and do not use electronic devices for long periods.