Hojicha Milk Tea ® Meal Collagen Peptides Complete Meal Replacement


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A complete meal replacement with silk fibroin for cell renewal and regeneration with premium hojicha tea leaves.

It makes a delicious shake at less than 110 calories, it is a highly nutritious, ultra-low calorie meal replacement delivering vitamins and minerals, as well as a healthy source of protein and fiber which aids with digestion.


Premium Hojicha Tea Leaves
Hojicha tea leaves lowers cholesterol and burn fats

Patented Silk Fibroin
Enhance cell renewal and regeneration

Concal ®  Patented white kidney beans
Control dietary calories, decrease calories from carbohydrate

Bioenergy Ribose ®  
Boost cellular energy and enhance exercise performance

Reduce hunger and appetite

Normal: 1 sachet in the morning and evening before meals

Fast results: 2 sachet in the morning and evening before meals

Product Suitability

Suitable for all including pregnant women.