Ultimate Chocolate Renewal ® Meal Collagen Peptides Complete Meal Replacement


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A complete meal replacement with silk fibroin for cell renewal and regeneration with premium chocolate sourced from Belgium.

It makes a delicious shake at less than 100 calories, it is a highly nutritious, ultra-low calorie meal replacement delivering vitamins and minerals, as well as a healthy source of protein and fiber which aids with digestion.


Premium Belgian Chocolate Powder
Cocoa polyphenols increase metabolism rate by 10 ~ 15%

Patented Silk Fibroin
Enhance cell renewal and regeneration

Concal ®  Patented white kidney beans
Control dietary calories, decrease calories from carbohydrate

Bioenergy Ribose ®  
Boost cellular energy and enhance exercise performance

Reduce hunger and appetite

Normal: 1 sachet in the morning and evening before meals

Fast results: 2 sachet in the morning and evening before meals

Product Suitability

Suitable for all including pregnant women.

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